Building connections – a campaign update

25 May Building connections – a campaign update

With camp around the corner, progress continues on the capital campaign

Very soon camp will be filled with the happy voices of kids enjoying beautiful summer weather, friends, community, and the fabulous Schechter staff.  With that in mind, here is the latest update on our progress with the capital campaign.

When we embarked on this endeavor five years ago, we developed an $8M budget to replace the infrastructure, kitchen, and Chadar Ochel (dining hall). For Schechter, raising $8M for this part of the overall capital plan was aspirational, and we knew our close-knit community would support this worthy project. It is amazing that we are within reach of that goal.

In the meantime, construction costs have risen, and now that our dream is becoming a brick and mortar reality, we have adjusted the plans to keep within our original budget. We learned that the current chadar is still structurally sound eliminating the need to deconstruct the building and build something completely new. The current space will be renovated so seating capacity will increase by over 50%, while opening the room to more natural light and sound mitigation. Brand new kitchens, as was depicted in the plans, will be built behind the current structure. These revisions address most of the needs identified in the capital master plan, while reducing construction costs by millions of dollars.

The Board, staff and volunteers involved in this project are dedicated to ensuring the longevity of camp, while maintaining our financial stability and our strong Jewish values. If you would like to know more about the adjustments we are planning, please contact us.

What are we doing in fundraising?

In addition to working on grant options for the campaign, Max Patashnick, Government & Community Affairs Manager for the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle helped us secure a place in both the Washington state House and Senate budgets as part of a member request grant to support replacing the utilities at camp. We are hopeful that we will be included in the final budget.

In addition to these advancements in fundraising, we continue to work hard to inspire all of those individuals and families that have found Schechter to be a place they want to include in their gift giving. We continue to work to secure additional larger gifts and to follow up on referrals from our Schechter friends.

We appreciate the Samis Foundation for believing in Jewish summer camp. We are working hard to meet their full $1.5 million dollar challenge match and are excited to be less than $500,000 from our goal!

What can you do to ensure the continued success of this campaign?

  • Be a connector: Introduce us to potential donors; host a Schechter capital campaign party or meeting.
  • Act as a camp ambassador: Contact your state legislators and ask them to support inclusion of Camp Solomon Schechter in the final Washington State budget, and share your excitement for the project with your friends, in person and on social media, and tell them why you support the campaign.
  • Renew your commitment: With the Schechter Board Match to rededicate the Dining Room in memory of Goldie Stampfer, z”l, and the Samis Foundation Challenge Match, every new dollar can be tripled!

Camp Solomon Schechter belongs to the entire community, and now is the time to get everyone committed to building our future. Thank you for your continued support.

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