Chadar Ochel – Phase 1

An expanded Chadar will enhance meals and celebrations

The Chadar Ochel (dining hall) is where Schechter campers gather for meals, but it’s also where they gather to laugh, learn and build community. Here, a diverse group of kids come together from the Pacific Northwest and beyond to gain an appreciation for both the differences that make us unique and the common values that make us a Jewish community.

The existing Chadar Ochel is crowded and outdated, with a tiny kitchen and space to accommodate a mere 200 diners. Our vision is to build a vibrant, new gathering space that will seat 300 and have the ability to grow with Schechter. It will also include a spacious kosher kitchen with separate meat, dairy and parve sections along with hand-washing stations and a secure medication dispensary.

The new dining hall is poised to be one of the largest kosher facilities in the region and will also accommodate outside events like weddings, reunions and bar and bat mitzvah celebrations, bringing the community into Schechter.