Infrastructure – Phase 1

Shoring up the infrastructure of Schechter

While not as exciting as building a new dining hall or sports center, improving the infrastructure of Camp Solomon Schechter is just as crucial. Originally built as a horse camp in 1940, Schechter continues to operate on some of the original septic and water lines. The campaign will provide much-needed funds to update and improve camp infrastructure to ensure that Schechter operates much more efficiently and safely than before.

Old and leaky utility pipes will be replaced. Camp will be connected to the city sewer system. Electrical and data utilities will be upgraded with more efficient components. The inefficient propane-based heating and cooking systems will be replaced with high-efficiency natural gas. Energy and resource monitoring will be built into the new systems to allow camp to immediately understand how use affects consumption so that campers and staff can help contribute to long-term practices that further reduce consumption.