Mercaz Sport – Later


Fun and play, rain or shine, in the new Mercaz Sport

Imagine having your heart set on playing basketball or learning to watercolor, but a rainstorm or a lack of classroom space dashes your plans. These sports and arts activities play a critical role in the Schechter experience. By awakening creativity, fueling curiosity, developing sportsmanship and forging lasting relationships among campers, we help kids learn to be independent thinkers, collaborative problem-solvers and empathetic members of the global community.

Today, we have very limited covered outdoor space and a lack of adequate classroom space to make the most out of this experience. The new Mercaz Sport (Sports Center) will more than double the number of covered programmatic areas at Schechter. It will be large enough to house a high school basketball court with bleachers and will be flexible enough to be used as a multi-purpose area for a variety of sports. We’ll also add more bathrooms, so campers won’t have to trek clear across the property. And, the Mercaz will allow us to expand arts and crafts space to accommodate more than 60 kids at a time.

This beautiful new space will also welcome outside events like weddings, reunions and bar and bat mitzvah celebrations that will invite the community into Schechter.