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It’s about so much more than buildings

“My understanding of Jewish life really began at Camp Solomon Schechter. You immersed yourself in it as a camper and felt it all around you every day. My Zionist identity also began at Schechter and continues to this day. It’s how I’ve raised my children and it’s why I’m involved in Jewish life and Jewish communities still today.”

Sarah Kahn Glass, CSS Board Co-President, camper, 1976 – 1984

Camp Solomon Schechter is a beautiful, safe and joyful place that connects Jewish youth to their heritage, culture and identity and creates enduring friendships that enrich and sustain a lifelong commitment to Judaism. Kids who experience the immersive Jewish environment of Schechter grow into passionate and caring adults committed to living a meaningful Jewish life and to making the world a better place.

A 2011 analysis of 26 different US Jewish population studies showed that Jewish camps have a profound impact on adult Jewish engagement. The results indicate that, when compared to non-campers, adult Jews who attended camp are:

  • 55% more likely to feel emotionally attached to Israel
  • 45% more likely to attend synagogue regularly
  • 25% more likely to donate to a Jewish charity
  • 21% more likely to feel that being Jewish is very important to them
  • 10% more likely to marry a Jewish partner

Schechter is not simply a summer-long or youth-long experience. The lessons and values learned at camp last a lifetime.